Wednesday, February 20, 2013

another poem from Feb 2009

Tourist Season

Over 400 blogs... a journey back to the beginning

I started to look back into my blog history now that I've written over 400 blogs... the second blog entry I found was a poem I had written for Jen... It's crazy how in the day to day I forget to remind her of how special she is too me...

I wonder if she remembers this poem or not?

I Wanted, a poem I wrote 2-19-2009

More book talk and my peculiar author crush, lol

So I forgot to mention that I read another one of R.E. Bradshaw's books.  This time it was Rainey Days and in short, I like it.  Nothing has come close to Waking up Gray yet though... I haven't given up (It could be that I have enjoyed that book so much more just because of my relationship with the Outer Banks, Hatteras, and Ocracoke, NC...)

It's pretty amazing to me how easy of a read her books are... I get started and don't want to put them down--I've guessed a couple of twists along the way before reading them but not because they were see through, more because I have warped mind and well that's just where my imagination took me... lol.

I like the way this Bradshaw lady thinks and I like her writing style.  I would even venture to say that I have an author crush for her, haha... I'm not sure what that means... I'm not trying to be her stalker by any means, nor do I know everything there is to know about her, but as far as authors I keep going back to--she's been the flavor for the past several months.

The only negative thing I have to say right now (which doesn't reflect on her, so much as it does Amazon) is that I have yet to find the second book to the Rainy Bell Mystery collection in ebook form for kindle. 

Sure, I could buy it in paperback, but then I'd just have another book laying around after I read it it and would just take up space... at least with the Kindle app on my IPAD everything is stored in there nice and neat should I ever go back and decide to read some more...

Anyway, if you are reading this and have the time, check out R.E. Bradshaw's Blog. I enjoy her blog sometimes more than I do her books... Waking Up Gray by R.E. Bradshaw, still my fave

OH MY GOD!!! So when I went to amazon to find the link for Waking up Gray, there in the bottom in the "you may also like" section was Rainey Nights, book two of the Rainey Bell Mysteries.... HOW DID I MISS THIS BEFORE!!! THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO START A WEDNESDAY.

Silver Linings Playbook

WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! I didn't realize until I read I'm not Crazy, just Bipolar's blog that the director took on the project because his son is bipolar....

Well I can tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVED this movie.  Jen unfortunately didn't watch it with me... she caught a bit here and there and was like, whoa were you ever like that to which I left and said worse... the good thing is that I can laugh about that stuff these days...

But back to the important things---this movie... if you haven't seen it yet YOU NEED TO! It was a great story and a movie where I even loved the ending (normally movies are good and then piss me off at the end, not this one) Bradley Cooper and Hunger Games Chick, Jennifer Lawrence are great together!!!

Watch it.

Monday, February 4, 2013


The offer I made on my first choice house was accepted within 24 hours of the offer being made...AWESOME... they accepted less than the asking price and are helping me with my closing cost which is a condition to the type of loan I have...

This is exciting.  My home inspection is scheduled for tomorrow and if all goes well with it then closing will be set for March 22nd and then Jen and i will be homeowners.

On top of that, Jen starts her new job on Wednesday and I feel like its going to be a much needed change for her... better hours, better environment, just better....

Now if I can just get my mind right...everything will be all good.  Especially since we have received a few wedding presents now... (though as I mentioned before it would make me happy if I at least got acknowledgment of the whole event... and well that seems to be finally happening little by little..

I did get one card that had an emphasis on how god loves me and what I'm doing is wrong, but we won't count that one, lol.