Friday, January 22, 2010

Jungle Joose.

Tonight I found myself tallying the hours spent at work thus far... I came up with 63.  I have a minimum of 24 hours more to work between tomorrow and Sunday.  Yes, Sunday.  Who knew that flower bulbs could be this serious?  Inventory is chaos.  Jude asked the other day if I could get any help from inventory control... the problem is, I am inventory control.  This place is always going to be chaotic but there needs to be a level of control--that's what's lacking.

Give a lil bit...give a lil bit of your life to me... (sorry that was in a movie that I'm

I'm tired of bitching about work...seems like all I do lately.  I need a break from bitching.

I took Jen to dinner tonight.  I hadnt seen her in a week... I'm always tired and my feet hurt...etc...(no I haven't been to the doctor, haven't had time with work, plus no insurance)-- it's gotten to the point a couple of days where I considered the emergency room they hurt so bad.  But there I go again, back on my "downer" ways.

I haven't been to the gym, or consolidated my student loans and I missed (kind of on purpose) the application deadline to apply for the MBA program I'm interested in.

I stopped on the way home and bought a JOOSE.  For anyone whose never experienced it, I recommend experiencing it at least once in your life time.  It's a flavored Malt Beverage that is available at most gas stations that sell alcohol, lol, it shouldn't cost your more than three bucks, unless your state just has a seriously high tax rate...I'm drinking the green one, called Jungle JOOSE, lol... it says, "premium malt beverage with natural flavors, taurine, ginseng, caffeine, etc... so yeah it's like an alcoholic energy drink... probably not good for you but totally rocking my world for right now.

My computer is running hot tonight, it's burning my lap.

I won't get to see Jen this weekend, which means that my stress levels are going to be even higher due to the level of sexual frustration I'm rocking.  I'm mean shit, a girl can rub her own til it's raw, but it's never as good as it is with someone you love :) hehe...

I'm really trying to not give myself an anneurism over this job. I really am, I'm trying to "go with the flow" but I haven't figured it all out yet... it's not hard, it really isn't, but... they make it difficult...

dammit...I can't seem to get off that topic.

I bought a new wax warmer tonight-- I'm way behind on my facial upkeep which means that I'm rocking several bristly whiskers on my chin, neck, cheeks, my brows are a hot mess... I'm past due for a hair cut... but who has the time... and who am I trying to impress.

I told my boss that I had a long standing appointment on Monday and that I needed to leave at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Not a lie, I have an appointment... I need to get my car inspected and the hours I'm working--theres no time.. I'm not in the mood to pay any tickets for dumb shit... ya know.  Then I'm going to do my ex boss/mom's hair... then back to normal Tuesday... work. blah.

I'd like to win the lottery this evening... catch a case of anal glaucoma and never see my ass going to work ever again... haha.

I got on the scales this morning and I'm down another five pounds...though I'm not sure how since my new found old habit of fast food ALLL the time because I'm too fucking tired and my feet hurt too bad to cook whenever I get home.  I worked from 7a to 10:15p on Wednesday... RIDICULOUS.

I just finished watching the Invention of lying... I cried during the previews.  Funny.  Jen commented at dinner how I was way butch these days... Haven't wore makeup in a long while, dirt under my fingernails, I'm getting some serious "guns" from lifting crates of bulbs and shit all day... Jeans, boots, etc... I'm sooooooo different (sort of) compared to how she's used to seeing me :) lol. Funny. I don't really know how to label myself...I have moments for everything it seems.  But what it boils down to is that of all things I'm probably a whiny bitchy girl despite saying or telling myself that I'm not.


I have a fabulous body buzz right now... God I need to drink Joose more often..>I'm such a light weight though...I only drank half of this drink...and I'm comfy... The time I drank two of these in a night I ended up with a lesbian with missing teeth whisperin/yelling in my ear something about her place, a plastic shower curtain, baby oil and an air conditioner??? and I took the lime out of her mouth after a tequilla shot she bought me...My sister has yet to let me live this down... she sat across the table mouth agape looking at me like WTF dude, before you started drinking you commented on her missing teeth... (which I had...I said something to the affect of, if her mouth looks like that I'm scared what her pussy would do to me...) yes I'm a hater... don't judge me.

Oh I wish I could stay up late and sleep in all day... not an's passed my bedtime...I've done no laundry so I'll be getting creative in what to wear tomorrow...I want to take Pepper for a ride...she hasn't been in the car with me for weeks... poor girl. 

I've made no sense of anything this evening. I hate that I'm a selfish blogger...I havent read anyone's lately (for a long while...) and I'm constantly bitching.  I Mean technically I blog for me, but hello..I miss peering into everyone's life from my side of the world.

Deep breath in...exhale... set alarm, pass out, work work work, no sex, work work work, no sex, work work, lol...NO SEX... dammit...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not quite what I imagined

I always imagined hitting my 300th blog to feel really accomplished and fantastic.  I remember hitting that 100 mark and thinking, wow...that happened fast...maybe too fast... then came 200 and I debated doing something phenomenal to mark the occasion, but again opted against it--probably because it wasn't uncommon for me to blog my ass off on the regular.

Jen introduced me to blogger.  Before that I had blogged via myspace, but was limited as to what I felt like I could say because "my friends could read it at anytime" and well my "friends" were not necessarily real friends (often coworkers, people from past lives, whatever... and often times the subjects that I wanted to bitch about in the first place)... I ditched the myspace scene for this very reason... That's how Jen found me (as I've mentioned before)... and I just didn't feel the need to keep myself out there for potential drama...or to sound conceited a potential admirer.... haha. (as if)

It was a friend of Jen's that had introduced her to blogger and I'm glad.  I recall being so butt hurt in the beginning...even though I was blogging just to vent and find an outlet, I secretly wanted people to read my stuff and find it interesting or helpful, or funny, or as their own outlet... I longed for someone to sit on their side of the world and think, "man, I can relate to that..." or "what the hell...that's some funny shit, hard to believe, but funny..."

Jen was rather supportive and kept nudging me in a positive fashion to write whatever I was feeling.  She assured me that I would eventually get a following.  She was right.  I went through a phase where I wanted to spend all of my free time blogging...sharing, opening up and publicizing my life... it didn't matter who was reading it... it was therapeutic... Well... things shifted in my life.

Jen was still a happy constant (when I didn't spend my time taking shit out on her that wasn't her fault at all)... She's put up with a lot of my bullshit to say the least.  But I digress.  I got on a health kick and made every effort I could to lose weight.  I shared my successes and bitched about my shortcomings... all while slowly giving up on myself and ultimately quitting weight watchers (this week officially) because of a hectic work schedule and not being able to make it to meetings.  But despite that, I hadn't been counting points for some time...I was regressing and back tracking and even now see the potential of climbing all the way back up to 273 pounds where I started (not all that long ago I might add)... I'm trying to join a gym.  It's one of those 24 hour ones (and with my new schedule is a good thing)...the downside is that their staffed hours fall during times while I'm at work...I can't sign up without a staff member because I need to pay obviously AND get my after hours key card so that I have access to the gym at all times. 

The gym is right across the street from Jen's place and is off the exit I have to pass in order to get home from work or to I'll have no excuse to not work out... I need another outlet... I'm kind of all over the place these days and not in a good way.  I figure taking some of my frustrations out on a elliptical or some type of weights... sounds good anyway.

I finally called one of my student loans after getting a late notice ( I'm 18 days behind on two of them now)... I put one in forebearance, need to call the other one, tell another one that I'm not in school anymore... wait for the grace period to end on the other one (my plan is to consolidate them all)--I got a print out from a third party company or government thing...I dunno...but I owe right under 48 grand.  RIDICULOUS.  I got a phone call from one of the recruiters for Norwich University.  It's a school in Vermont that offers a distance learning MBA program that I would love to do... I'd start in March and would do a one week on campus thing in June of 2011 with the graduation ceremony at the end of the week and would officially be done with the program in August 2011.... But I dont know that I can afford it or not or that I'd be able to really hold down a full time school schedule knowing that there will be three busy seasons before June 2011... the application deadline is tomorrow... I dunno.

Most recently in Tommy world has been my joining facebook.  I could give a crap about facebook itself, but I did get addicted to Farmville.  Then I got Jen addicted to Farmville...she left me in the dust level wise and I lost some interest in it... funny how that works huh... I didn't have internet access for lil over a week, so Jen managed my farm and harvested things for me :) She hated logging in to fertilize my crops and seeing things wilted and dead... I'd much rather get re-addicted to blogging.  I miss reading other folks stuff and i miss writing (writing about things that matter to me or that mean nothing at's all therapeutic)...

I think had I blogged about my frustrations with my new job then my crying at work would have been prevented.  I've worked there for three weeks now.  It was great because my first week I had a long weekend...had New Years Eve and Day off... Made it through that whole following week, a little frustrated and wondering how the hell I was supposed to do all the things that wanted me to when I'm only one person... well it was this previous week, Monday or Tuesday i guess that I finally lost it.  I was upstairs in the Warehouse Managers office and was talking to him about a few things that I thought should be done different to prevent a great deal of the chaos that is being experienced right now.  Trucks come in and product is offloaded.  When I say product, I mean client specific pallets stacked with fifty collapsable crates filled with prepacked bulbs...( ie. begonias, peonies, dahlias, lilies, cannas, callas, etc for Home Depot, Lowes, Roses, Fred Myer etc)... there is more stuff done in house as well...but I digress... well these pallets are recieved in and then put away in the racks.  The racks are my domain.  The problem is that the shipping supervisor was on his way out three days following my and the new shipping supervisors arrival.  The new guy didn't learn things that he should have so the receipt process got fucked for a lack of better words.  Rather than putting the correct locations in the system he used a generic location which equals (anywhere in the fucking warehouse)--that narrows it down.  I spend all my fucking time looking for shit that should be there and isn't...

It's frustrating as hell.  I have to have the inventory pulled so that production can put it on the correct racks and then those racks are shipped out to whatever customer they go to... well this coming week Lowes ships out on Monday...then there are 1400 racks of another company going out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (and nothing has been pulled from inventory for this order yet) since I'm still waiting on the people up front to print the job for it so i know what to actually pull...I dunno... this all must sound dull and may not even make sense...but I had had it earlier this past week.  I really was finding it difficult to get out of bed and head to work where I knew I'd spend my day feeling like I was getting raped up the ass.  I can think of more things to do... for sure.

I'm looking foward to mid February when things slow down dramatically and then come march the slow season comes into play...that will last into July... 4 day work weeks and just straight chillin.  I'll have time to implement new processes and prevent more ass raping in future busy seasons....

Right now my feet are killing me.  My plantar fasciitis is RIDICULOUS.  when I walk now, I feel a popping... its like the tendon in the bottom of my foot is tearing.  I ordered some arch braces to help with the pain.  I don't know how I'll actually work out at any gym right now when by the end of the day I can hardly walk... I'll figure it out.  Tomorrow is a new day and I'll be fine.  Things will be where they should be and be smooth sailing... for now... it's late, I need to sleep.  I'm not even going to replant my farmville crops...I'm done.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greetings from Outer space

Lol...after a couple of emails (Mel and Jude)... and extended case of bloggin' DTs... I thought I'd sign on long enough to let everyone know that I'm A-L-I-V-E and kicking.  That's all I can say for now... but just know that I have intentions of coming back to blog world (after an unexpected hiatus) and sure there is lots of randomness to fill you all in on... but that will have to come tomorrow (perhaps the next day) since this new job is literally kicking my ass. For the record I cried today. Three weeks into this shit and I cried.  I'm not that girl...(yeah right, I always say that... but apparently I am)...

This is my 299th post for the record... that means that my next post, #300 is not going to be for something phenomenal and "new"... its all going to be just a catch up and hey how are things going. I don't know when the hell I'll be able to read over a months worth of everyone's blogs...

Bare with me okay guys :)... I'm coming back dammit, SOON.