Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lil Man goes fishing

This is back from Memorial Day weekend... but I love it.  Lil man got his chance to go fishing with Santa after behaving nearly all school year (there was only a couple of weeks of school left)... He had a blast. Here he is really in a fish.

Place: Hatteras, NC (my fave place in the world and now Jen's and lil man's as well)

Makes me smile

I'm once again in a sharing mood.  This particular share involves my 10 month old niece Charley... She makes me all warm and tingly inside and I just friggin' love her to death.  But anyway, please excuse my appearance, I didn't realize until this video how much weight gain monogamy has caused me, lol.  (though I'm not complaining) Jen and I are going on a diet together starting Monday to attempt to drop some pounds that both of us are not comfortable carrying around.  I may have to burn that striped polo as well... but anyway here it is. 

Charley laughs hysterically while pepper does one of her tricks.

And well since I'm in a sharing mood... here's one from a month or so ago... she was laughing hysterically at the dogs then too...

She's a freakin' sweet heart. I love her.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A soldier's homecoming

I'm keeping this short but felt it important to share my excitement in what I'm about to reveal... MY DAD IS BACK.  After a year in Kosovo... our soldier has returned.  He flew into Norfolk last night (early no less, so Jen and I were the only ones there to greet him for a few minutes)... It's seems surreal that he was gone that long.  But nonetheless he is back and I'm excited.  My dad the Blackhawk helicopter maintenance test pilot... my hero.  On the not so up side... the word on the street is that he'll be home for maybe 6 months before heading to Iraq. :( (I copied this pics from my mom's facebook page (though I took them...and they got really distorted when I tried to enlarge them, but hey... you'll just have to make due.)

Kissey Face
Mom and Dad
Dad met his granddaughter Charley (now 10 mo. old) for the first time
Banner mom had made for the front porch
and of course the BEAUTIFUL Jen and myself (I picked her up from work to meet dad at the airport, then dropped her back off...she had a late work night planned) I just can't help but love her.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It seems to me

It seems to me that they changed the "branwny guy." Seems to me that he used to be dirty blonde, kinda longer hair, a lil bit eighties style hair... I dunno. I was just watching tv and the new one is dark haired and hella tan... I dont know, it just seemed weird to me.  I don't buy brawny paper towels so it's not like I'm going to lose sleep over it, but I was caught off guard nonetheless.

It's been a week since moving into our new place.  Pepper is having a hard time adjusting.  She stopped eating her food (not people food of course)... finally after the second day of a full food bowl I had to hand feed her the equivalent of two handfuls one piece at a time so she thought she was getting a treat... then it dawned on her that perhaps she was hungry after all.  She had explosive diarrhea for a few days as well ... breaks my heart to see her bumped out.  I'm going to the country tomorrow to do grandmas hair and to take her the cook out that my brother is having... so she'll be able to run, chase birds and squirrels and what not while we are there.  Pretty exciting stuff.

I'm having to adjust to Jen and my completely different sleep schedules, lol.  I try to go to bed by no later than 11 so that I can get up and motivated for work in the am... Jen does not.  There have been several occassions where she's been getting into bed or brushing her teeth to come to bed shortly before I'm getting out of the bed to go to work.  So I pout.  Like don't get me wrong, I want her to have her own life and she can stay up as long as she wants, but I guess in my mind I was just super excited knowing that i'd be going to bed and waking up next to her every morning.  I have to remind myself that there is plenty of time for this and we are both adjusting. 

I'm happy.  I have noticed that things like laundry, dishes, cleaning in general are way more fun when you are doing them in your place.  Not to say that things get done as like i see dog hair on the floor and even though it's our place, it doesn't mean I'm going to get my big ass off the couch to actually vacuum right now... lol.

I dunno there's a lot on my mind I cant explain, I'm everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, just like I am most of the time... for now i'm going to walk away from the computer, put the leftovers in the fridge and put some clothes on so I'm ready to meet up with a friend and have a drink.  I'm in the mood for music.  I'm going to meet a friend of said friend and try to see how my gaydar reacts because my friend's gaydar is all fucked up in reference to her friend, lol... good times.  More to come later, when I actually figure shit out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I decided to do something nice and call grandma... yes, the grandma whose house I just moved out of and the same grandma whom I have not spoken to since Saturday.  I called her on my lunch break and talked to her for 13 minutes and 11 seconds.  Time which she used to tell me about vacation bible school and how she didn't realize she was 80 now until she tried to keep up with 4, 5, and 6 year olds... she told me about some friends of hers that died and how she tried to not call me because she figured I was busy.

She's cute.  I explained that she could call whenever she wanted to and that if I was working or busy I'd return her voicemail (this lady has NEVER not left a voicemail.) I kind of feel like this act was my good deed for the day.  I mean hell, it made her day... I guess I take for granted the little things that can occur and the emotions that can be experienced just with a simple phone call.  It's a shame I hate phones so bad.

The other good deed I did was requesting time off for my brothers wedding on 9/11 of this year.  Okay, how is this a good deed you ask? Well for starters, who the hell gets married on 9/11... i mean hello that day in my mind will always be associated with disaster, but eh... not important.  It's a good deed because I'm totally not feeling the whole situation.  I don't care for her as a person, I don't like who my brother has become... but in short, I'm being selfish and it's not about me.  I wasn't down for my sisters wedding either, to the point that I refused to be her maid of honor... I guess I'm an awful selfish person... I'm trying to be better, but damn if it's happening overnight.