Friday, December 18, 2009

The gig

I got the job. I should be more excited than I am (but I am as excited as I can be with everything else going on in my head these days...that's a whole other story)... I didn't think I had done well with the second interview... I met alone with the CEO, a very serious hard to read cat... I left out of there an hour later not sure of anything and most concerned with my response to his questions concerning the amount of "movement" I've had over the last five years of employment.  This company wants long term folks... I explained that I hadn't found the right fit yet.  I said that with my current job I thought I had but it turned out to be (and used the following example): It's like finding the perfect pair of shoes.  The ones you've always wanted, right price, right size, right try on the the right shoe and BAM... wooohoo... all is great.  You get them home and get dressed to go out for the night...your right shoe goes on without any snags, your left shoe however is a smidgen too tight... that's where I'm at. 

I got the call yesterday from the recruiter/head hunter and she said she had good news, they wanted to verify my address for the offer letter :) Okay...things were looking up, but nothing official.  Today I got a call from the recruiter and she said she emailed me the offer letter.  I checked it and then the real excitement came.  A consistent, exempt salary permanent employee paycheck every two weeks, boils down to an increase of pay in the neighborhood of seven grand SCORE...but not only that...this company pays 100% of medical, dental, vision, short/long term disability, etc etc and then match 401K at 6% after a year employment.

It feels good to get a job because of hard work and not because of someone you know or whatever...I'm excited.  I kept my boss in the loop the whole way and she may have my replacement in here as soon as Tuesday... I start at the new place on December 28th :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a quickie

I'm way behind in reading and writing blogs...but I wanted to share my excitement:

1. I finally went and picked up my degree :) It is one expensive piece of paper but I finally have it lol
2. I got the 2nd Interview. I go on Wednesday....keep your fingers crossed...thanks for the good luck wishes/emails.

Hope everyone is well

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I went to my interview on Monday afternoon and I'm officially in love with this company.  Their warehouse (the one that I saw anyway... the other is in Holland in the Netherlands) has sky lights which means I wouldn't feel like I'm working in a cage.  They are a company that still pays for their employees benefits completely (medical, dental, vision, short/long term disability, etc) they match 401k at 6%...but even more fabulous than that is the near requirement that the employees make suggestions in how to improve the operation.... they emphasize the need for thinking outside the box... the welcomed suggestions won me over.

The interview lasted about an hour and a half and was the most comfortable I've ever felt in an interview.  They seemed impressed with me.  I hope that's the case.  They are trying to fill a vacancy for shipping/receiving supervisor and an inventory control supervisor.  Seems like they were leaning toward the inventory control supervisor for me...time will tell.

I'm supposed to know if I'm being considered and making it to the next round either tomorrow or Thursday.  Keep your fingers crossed and send positive energy my way... if it worked for Jude, maybe it'll work for me :)

I'll keep everyone posted...for now I'm going to get ready for's chilly out here and I want to snuggle up in the covers.  It's a shame Jen isn't here...she's a great cuddler and a freakin' heating blanket... I've never met someone who puts off so much heat...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Date...

So it's no secret that Jen and I have been together for over a year now...but we kind of did things in a weird fashion... we never really went on any dates...when we first started dating, I worked second shift and she worked in the evenings as well... a lot of time was spent in the late night/early morning hours hanging out and enjoying each others time.  When my schedule changed to first shift... things got a lil more difficult to manage as far as "dating" went.  We talked about penciling in a "date" here and there...Jen mentioned wanting to take me out several times, but it never panned out (no one's fault in particular...) just the way the things were...crazy.  If we had the time, there was no babysitter... anyway, you get the point.

Well last night was my company's christmas party. I wasn't super excited about the thought of it, only because I don't know many people in the company.  Since I work on-site, I never really deal with any of the folks at the main office, plus the Richmond office was coming as well...woohoo??? But, when Jen told me on Thursday night that her boss had approved her for a Friday night off and that she was going, I WAS STOKED.... it was going to be our first date.

Friday night rolled around and I got dressed.  I felt like I looked great, of course looking at some of the pics later, I disagree...but i digress (I just want to be photographed from like the boobs up...) So as I was getting ready and put on my new jeans it dawned on me that I had forgot to have them hemmed and they were way too long...even with my "girl boots" i was going to wear. Shit.

Mom rescued me, though she wasn't impressed by my asking her to just rig the hem with safety pins of all things...ha...

After all of the hard times I give Jen about being late, I was 45 minutes late picking her up... despite being late, I had to stop and get her flowers...I mean I had to do this thing right.... this was our first date ya know.

I knocked on the door and she answered and LOOKED FABULOUS in the new shirt I had bought her :)  I was excited.


I took pictures of my conceited ass while she went upstairs to get her jacket, lol.





We drove to Norfolk...(struggled a bit because I had my contacts...can't wear the damn things normally because of eye allegeries...) wore them anyway...finally found the place where the party was.  We were upstairs in the VIP section... free drinks all night.... word.  Jen ended up driving home since I had a handful of bourbon and diet cokes... it felt good to be with her, to hold her hand as we walked down the street freezing our asses off....



Yeah, I have a fucked up sense of humor when I have a buzz...


Did I mention that I wore girl in ones with a heel... and then come to find out Norfolk is undergoing a lot of construction.... I nearly broke my ankle like seventeen times.


I made Jen sit down on this random bench so I could get a picture...she was like, really oh my god come on...I'm freezing.  She's such a team player.

She drove me back to her place...after we stopped by the babysitters to get lil man...She put him in the bed and we talked for a bit...hung out... and let's just say that I found out that Jen is one of "those girls..." She puts out on the first date HAHAH...

It was a good night... a very good night....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm still sick. Eww.

I talked to Jen and I'd say we're doing better.  I explained that I need to get my head screwed on right and it may take me a few days. Right now I'm tired and run down and don't have the energy...she understood.

I have an interview on Monday.  The company liked my resume, so I'll go in front of them then.  Exciting.

The company christmas party is Friday night...that should be interesting.

I had to end the assignments of six people today, I have four new people starting tomorrow.

Verizon called me today and offered me a early upgrade because they wanted to keep my biznazz...I'm getting a LG EnV 3 FOR FREE!!! score.  It will come in the mail soon.

Dad's R and R was approved so he'll take a vacation in February and meet up with mom in Greece.  She misses him some kind of bad. They will spend their 29th wedding anniversary in Greece...amazing.