Thursday, October 7, 2010

It occurred to me

It occurred to me in the strangest place.  The toilet.  The toilet is a place that I love to be.  I do my best thinking there sometimes.  This particular evening (tonight about three minutes ago)...I was searching for new blogs to follow.  Sometimes I use the next blog feature, other times I search by keyword (which is nine times out of ten way more productive)... all while contemplating the workings of the universe and hoping we don't run out of toilet paper before payday... ha.  Anyway, it came to me...

I was getting ready to blog, it was going to be yet another boring bitch fest about how I hate my job and I fucked up at work and these are the repercussions type of blog, but it occurred to me that it's been a LONG fucking time since I blogged about something awesome, happy, or just down right great....

Tonight is the night folks.  Tonight is the mother fucking night.  Here's some of the good shit that doesn't get mentioned in my blogs as of late:

Lil Man started 1st grade...

 I got to visit my favorite place... Cape Hatteras, NC--when my brother got married on 9/11/10
 This is lil man and my brother's (new wife's daughter) daughter, she's a lil over a year older than lil man...they don't normally get along this well ;) Lil man was the ring bearer
 My brother before the wedding... yes, holding the bouquet (a decorated conch shell) AND yes, wearing a tuxedo  Why the hell he tucked it in, I dunno...when I asked him later about it he responded, he said "He was keeping it classy."

 The real story, lol

 Me relaxing after the wedding... Jen didn't get to make it because of was just me and lil man and pepper.  I'm growing my hair out for some reason AND haven't colored it in over 6 months if you can believe that.  I need a trim some kind of bed...but hey at least the front looks good.

 My niece Charley turned one year old.  She is such a doll baby... I just love that lil girl...wish I got to see her more (and her mom)... the was before the cake shenanigans... she was already wore out from playing and just let me hold her.  I'm going through the I want a baby stage.  Jen and I are in talks...she already has's my turn, I'm just way to broke right now.

 Jen and lil man... my family :) I love her more than life itself (but not in a creepy way, haha)... and I love him to death too.  We are about to hit our two year anniversary... tomorrow will be a month away. Kind of a big deal.

 The two of us... :)
 Charley with Granny (my mom)...
 Me and Charley
 Admit it...SHE'S FUCKING ADORABLE...drool and all :)
 Lil man and I being dumb and posing for photo ops...

 And my latest painting. I decided to go simple.  I like it. It's hanging on the living room wall :) Hooray for cape hatteras, nc...

And for now...we'll leave it at that. I"m not completely miserable... I just forget to mention the good stuff sometimes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

the waiting game

I'm waiting.

I sit patiently with an abnormal addition, a vodka/light hawaiian punch... I'm waiting for jen to get off of work. I'm craving her. I want to lick her and love her, pin her down and just engulf her.. I want to absorb her, soak her up into every ounce of my being.

The only thing abnormal about this is the vodka chilling in my glass.  Vodka inspired by fear, by collapse, by defeat. Inspired by yet another mishap.  I don't understand it.

Today was such a great day overall. I got home by 5 o'clock... had some me time, unwound a lil bit, took a hot bath... then my phone beeped with a text message. It was my boss and it was after 6, this made no sense.  As I opened the phone to read the text I prayed for a text saying that there was no work tomorrow after all.  NOT THE CASE.  The text said and I quote:

"Unbelievable story just wanted to share. Got a call from O who got a call from T who got a call from S n L. They were went 1 pallet of the wrong trays again.????????"

Yeah, remember the last blog I wrote, the one about sending the wrong items on the transfer order.  Well apparently by some freak act of nature and warehousing in general, we sent a pallet of the wrong stuff TWO TIMES, not just once now. By we, I mean me.  Now I'm enjoying some vodka and waiting for Jen to get home... in hopes of doing deviant things to her and trying like HELL to not think about the fact that I don't know how long I'll still have a job. I'm freaking out.

Fuck me in the ass sideways... (NOT LITERALLY).  I'm scared.