Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It's no secret that yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 29 and had a wicked hangover as some of you may have predicted, lol.  I got up at 4 am when my mom called me, showered, tried to function, drank like nine gallons of water because I was totally parched from my antics the night before... well when I sat down behind the steering wheel to drive into work it became rather apparent that I was too trashed to drive.  I just couldnt bring myself to risk a DUI on a work day or killing some kid standing outside waiting for a bus.  I text my boss and decided to go in around the 9 mark (3 hours later than scheduled)... still nursing my hangover you can imagine how pissed I was to drive into work and discover that we weren't shipping any trucks whatsoever, so I didn't really need to be there...WTF? I could have just slept in on my birthday and no one bothered to share this information with me.  Boo.

I was walking out the door (4 o'clock pm) by this point when my phone rang.  I figured it was one of the 973 phone calls I received with birthday wishes (I hate the telephone...despise it really, but do appreciate the birthday thoughts...) My sister tried to text me 29 times with a happy birthday message, luckily tiring out by text #6... but I digress... It was not a birthday wish...it was Kathy from the apartments that Jen and I were trying to get into.

She wanted to let me know that we were both accepted... I was very pleased to say the least and then asked how much more of a security deposit we'd need, figuring between the two of us our credit was jacked up somewhere... no more money needed.  Our security deposit would stay 99 bucks, which I had already paid to secure the apartment and ensure she wouldn't give it away to anyone else.  Now all that has to be paid is my non-refundable pet deposit.  No problem.  Pepper is coming with us... but Chino is not.  Chad's allergies are too bad to live with a cat in a place that size...plus Chino has lived at Grandmas since he was 6 months old and considering he's like 6 years old now... I don't want to uproot him.... now the task is going to be to convince Gma that she wants Chino around for company (which she loves having him around for) and that I'll still come up on the weekends to do her hair/change the litter box... If she says no that I'm going to have to find a home for him and I think that may kill him (or me come to think of it.)...

I left work and immediately called Jen and was like, so do you want the good news or the bad news...she of course wouldn't play along...She was like, "oh my god, just tell me we didnt get the apartment and get it over with..." lol... no fun (I've been calling her debbie downer since recently she has adopted my normal bubble bursting demeanor), lol.... I told her and I could hear the smile on her face... she was stoked... we both were. 

It's exciting.  It's still nerve racking to know that i'm going to be literally broke and potentially kill me to know that my girl is going to be pulling more of the weight than I will at this place financially, but that won't be forever hopefully...

I shared my theory with Jen the other day... (she didn't find it as amusing as I did and I'm pretty sure she called me a jackass which is my petname as of late, hahah) but My theory is... that gay marriage will be legal in VA (and hell by all states) by the time I make my last student loan payment...at the ripe ol' age of 59.  30 years from now.  I mean I figure that buys us some time, hahah.

Anyway... thanks everyone for the good luck wishes and crossed fingers.  It was a fantastic birthday present to receive.

Now I have one more our to kill at work...I stayed late so that I could set off bug/roach foggers in the breakroom in the warehouse...I've seen way too many roaches to want to bring in a lunchbox and potentially take them home with me...friggin' gross.  I can't set them off til everyone is out of the building.... now to finish my work...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


(Me and the love of my friggin' life... Jen, the beautiful)

So tomorrow is my birthday...what's been goin on in my world you ask? well the same ol same ol...right now I'm trashed and it feels oh so fabulsou. my mom did burgers on the grill which got rained out but was still awesome...we broke out the captain morgain and drank and drank and drank...it was great.

Mom gave me my present early (with dad on Skype via kosovo) ... it was a silver pelican necklace..the pelican's mouth is open with a diamond in it... the diamond is from my mom's engagement ring from 29 years ago..>(* I turn 20 tomorrow)... friggin' sweet.  Like I love the amount of thought that went into this... it's great. great great.

Jen and I found an apartment which we love...hopefully we'll find out by tuesday if we got it or not... I'm excited. I can't wati to live with her... all the time.  Im having one more drink and then it'll be bed time.  I've gtotta load 4 containers tomorrow to go to CHina... Happy birthday to me... god today was great... just great... cross your fingers for Jen and i.  

It's werid ... my ex prior to Jen sent me a friend request via facebook whcih i wasn't going to accept but Jen said to go ahead becasue she wanted to be flaunted, lol... the ex actually invited me and "my girl" as she put it to this shin dig, but I declined, I just don't see the point...

I draink sooo much captian morgan tonight... now I'm winding down with a lil Jack.  god aI Haven drank in soooo long.  I'm sure I'll drink next weekend when I take lil man and Jen to the beach again for my annual beach tripo.

(Oh yeah, I totally went there...)... lol....

 Crooss your fingers for us...I really want this place to live.  I'm excited.  Soooo excited.  I love her.  OH SO FUCKING MUCH.  It's riduclous how much I care for her... we totalluy balance each other out... in such a great way....

happy berfday to me. hehe.