Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We set a date

After a little over four years of being together...Jen and I finally set a date.  It only took like two years after I proposed to get to this point. 

Something always comes up...bad timing as far as work schedules go or a lack of money... but not this time--I refuse.  I have sent the deposit and all of the info needed to obtain the license and on 12/28/12 at noon Jen and I are going to tie the knot.

We will be driving up to DC and having a small/quick cermony done--which will be more like just signing the papers and making it official...we will hold off for something grand and glorious (should we choose to if VA ever recognizes the union or makes same sex marriage legal--I'm thinking we have plenty of time to plan that one, lol)

Anyway after that we will go check into the hotel and then sight see.  Jen has never been to DC and well I've only been once and it was like in 8th grade...whatever year it was that they opened the Holocaust museum is when I went...

I'm freakishly excited.  I'm not normally the one who is all like oooooh weddings, but this time is different.  I'm not looking for bells and whistles by any means but I do love the fact that I'm doing something this BIG with someone I love and cherish deeply.

Does having a piece of paper making us legal mean that I won't still have a panic attack and freak the hell out because she leaves dirty clothes on the floor or doesn't fold clothes the way I think she should...ABSOLUTELY NOT. lol

The only things I want from this is:

a. Jen to take my name (which may be a little more difficult than imagined because of the great commonwealth that we reside)

b. An official piece of paper

c. A wedding announcement to be sent out, but one that someone says, sure we already got married and yes, you weren't there or invited because we couldn't afford that but we are registered at (insert store here) and would love for you to send us gifts, lol

d. a ring

Jen and I already have rings...when I proposed I did it with a very simple sterling silver band that would not get in the way at either of our jobs and symbolized the occassion... now however I want a real ring.  A bridal set even...

So I decided to go to Kohls.com because well I love love love KOHLS and I found us both a bridal set.  I picked two different styles so that Jen could pick the one that she likes the best and I'll wear the other because I like them both, lol... Normally I would have spent about 1100 bucks on these two rings... but I'M WAY TOO MUCH OF A BARGAIN SHOPPER to ever do such a thing... the rings were already on killer sale AND I used a promo code that got me 30 percent off (which btw is RUDOLPH30 if any of you guys want to know and love kohls as much as me)... I ended up spending around 350 dollars for us to both have bridal sets.  We can wear the band at work and the pair when we we go out or are just around the house.

I never realized how much of a girl I was until now.  I can't afford my dream wedding but I'm stoked to be marrying Jen nonetheless.

When I win the lottery I will reserve an entire bed and breakfast in Vermont, fly our families out to see us wed and our bridesmaids will all wear cargo shorts and a polo shirt, but the polo shirts will all be different and start with red, then orange, and so on until a rainbow is formed.  It will be outside in the summer and we'll wear flip flops and then have a killer reception and just hang out and then honeymoon in Maine and see the lighthouses up and down the coast.

Since we are marrying now, I think that I'll just save my money to one day visit Maine and Vermont on my own time, lol

I'm excited--did i mention that?