Saturday, July 7, 2012

My big gay rant

If I was around during the whole segregation thing I would have surely been killed for drinking out a water fountain that was for blacks only, or sitting on the wrong end of the bus just to piss someone off. 

If I was around when the whole women's rights movement was hot and heavy I would have surely had my ass beat by some randomly large oppressive man because I was too out of the box and belonged barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen...

And here I am, currently witness and part of the continuing gay rights movement.... and while I haven't been killed yet, I do hope to see a positive shift in things before I'm taken out by some ignorant homophobe who was offended by one of my rainbow tattoos or who didn't like the trail of glitter I leave behind (one of the side effects to being absolutely freaking fabulous and all) :)

Why are soooo many people soooo closed minded. 

You only think you're going to escape all of us while "we burn in hell," but in reality... we'll be saving that seat for your judgemental ass and well word on the street is there's no rules in hell... so pretty sure you'll end up being someone's gay bitch. Just saying.

I'm in the mood to fight. I want to stir shit up and make people uncomfortable with my beliefs.  I want to join forces with others that believe what I believe and shift everyone's views of gays, lesbians, bis, and transexuals.  I just want to know who died and made the conservatives boss. 

Who said, "hey dude, yeah you with that bible in your hand-- go forth and discriminate against gays and make their lives a living hell.  Ensure they never get the same rights as you because let's face it, if they do, then everything will go down hill from there."?

Being gay doesn't mean that I have some zombie flesh hungry virus that is contagious and leaves me lurking in the shadows to attack when you least expect it.  We don't have parties that are equivalent to Pampered Chef, Home Interiors, or whatever "hot home party" is trending right now (I guess that would mean the more straight people you could convert the more free gifts you'd get?) Dammit, what a shame, I've really been eyeballing that professional cookware set too....

While I don't know what inspired this post other than the fact that this situation pisses me off and makes me feel helpless and alone, I'm glad I was soo motivated.

People need to know that the GLBT community will not always remain in the "shadows" of your conservative ways and that eventually, we will have the same rights as the rest of ya'll.  It may not seem like it now, but the fact that blacks can sit anywhere on any bus they choose and eat in the same restaurants, and that women can now vote and go to work alongside of men (and sometimes even be their bosses, lmao) tells me that it's just a matter of time until gay rights are just something in the history books and that HUMAN RIGHTS WILL PREVAIL.

Dun dun dun...until next time... I'm out. (no pun intended).