Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the work front

Continuing on with the trend I've been setting--things have been quiet for me in blog world (obviously), this does not hold true in my real life.  A lot has been happening with my mental health (see other blog)... but more importantly a lot has been happening at work which has been contributing to said mental health. 

The 90 hour work weeks have drawn to a close.  The warehouse is beginning to empty out. I'm beginning to do transfer orders (where we ship things to other suppliers to make a profit rather than just throw the shit away)...we are recycling a great deal of cardboard.  The racks where all of my inventory was held were broken down yesterday so now there a great deal of space where if I had insurance and trusted my skills I'd roller skate through the place, lol.

December 31 or doom's day is nearing quickly, though looking at what remains to be done I still think we will be out much sooner.  I had interviewed a while ago with Target Distribution for an opportunity to relocate to Tyler, TX had I got the job. I made it through the entire interview process, but alas, was not the right fit.  (It was not meant to be) though it would have been a kick ass gig. I like the concept of Target because of take on Diversity, they are well known for being accepting of peoples thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, lifestyles, etc... I thought it would have been cool, but it was good interview experience and it says a great deal that I even made it as far as I did, because it's not easy to get in there.  That makes me feel good.

Now I'm awaiting an interview on December 5th with another Distribution center that will mean a relocation but this time, only 4 hours from home, and will keep me in VA.  It will be in the Shenandoah Valley, 30 minutes outside of West VA, and hour and half from Washington DC... 3 hours up I 81 from my sister who lives around VA Tech... and still just 6 1/2 hours from Hatteras my favorite place on earth (thus far), lol. It is still considered country, but is central to "civilization" and is a distribution center for a large retail store.  This particular company has 11, soon to be 12 distribution Centers in the US which means opportunity for growth and advancement...and I see great things should I do well with this interview.  I drive up on Sunday, stay in a hotel, interview  Monday, drive my 4 hours back Monday afternoon and come back to work on Tuesday.

I'm very nervous.  I have a lot riding on this.  But should it go well, Jen is completely on board and willing to roll with the punches and see where this takes us.  It would mean benefits for me again, more money, and more opportunity.  It is a large company and a chance for longevity.  Something I want.

Nonetheless things are not easy hear at work, Christmas is right around the corner and its hard to stay chipper when you are worried about your job situation you know... but it will all work out I'm sure.  I got this.  Hey at least if I'm not working I'll have time to blog, HAHAHA.... though I won't know what i'll blog about, hahah.

Side note, lil man and I started building a lego city last night because he has this huge play table in his room and he has all my old legos in his room that my mom saved so we have the city laid out and we are going to work on it little by little all week, I know i'm a nerd, but I'm kind of stoked about it, don't judge me.

Jen's new makeover

It was around three years ago this time that I transformed Jen into a new her. She wanted something different and I gave it to her. She had hair down her back and I gave her a bob. (I'm sure that there is a blog somewhere here that shows this change....)

Well three years into our relationship she we've done it again...she wanted a change and well we did it again:

So the before and after is pretty obvious :) and awesome if you ask me.  She's as beautiful as ever.

The bottom two are of us looking smokin' hot together, lol. FUN.