Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I commented on Facebook about retiring my license plates to go a little more corporate... (the new ones have already come in the mail, but I'm a slacker who has yet to put them on her vehichle...)

I posted this same picture on my facebook page because my cousin Kat wanted to see it, she thought it was hilarious.  Well, I logged into facebook a few minutes ago with intentions of farming, because yes I'm still a Farmville addict, don't fucking judge me... and I had a message from Jude.  Dear, sweet, oh so fucking wonderful (seriously) Jude asked me if I knew that my license plate was on a blog??? OF COURSE NOT... but now that I do... I just wanted to let everyone know that in my mind, this makes me OH SO FUCKING FAMOUS, HAHA.

Click Here to see the blog my plate appears in.  Granted, this is an old blog entry from like July of last year...but still spectacular.  They are so off in pegging the owner (me)... They think I'm a dude GYN who went to UVA...

Hope it doesn't pop too many bubbles, but ya'll all know that I'm no dude.  Just a fun loving lesbo with a fucked up sense of humor, with no care of political correctness most of the time.  THank you Jude for pointing out this fabulous link and making my day/night.  YOU ROCK.

Wait til my mom gets back from Greece and I show her this shit.  I need to call Jen, but she's probably asleep... OMG this is too great for words.  It's way past my bed time but I'm amped up on cold meds and out of work tomorrow with a doctor's note... I seem to be staying sick this year. 

Jude, if you are ever out this way--I'm fucking taking you to dinner.  Or better yet, you crash here... I'll let you sleep in between me and Jen... hehe... (just kidding) PEPPER WOULD SO NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN...THAT'S HER SPOT.